A Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon

Who would have ever thought I would be going to a plastic surgeon to look at breast implant options?!! Life really is weird and unpredictable. On June 9,  Jim and I met with Dr. Huang in Bethesda to talk about breast reconstruction options.

Dr. Huang took one look at me and agreed with Dr. Magnant that I was too small for the “tummy tuck” option where they use skin from your belly to reconstruct your breasts. I would be a good candidate for saline implants, but would start with extenders at the time of the mastectomy (in case radiation or chemotherapy needs to be done, you don’t want to get your implants until treatment is complete. The extenders will hold the shape of the skin until you are ready for the permanent implant to be put in place.)

Dr. Huang takes us into a room for my photo shoot. I get compliments on my perfectly symmetrical “perky” C-cup boobs. This might sound vain, but what a waste of a good set! It really seems like a shame to remove them in their prime. If they were saggier or more unattractive, maybe the implants would actually seem like a bonus. Oh well, a friend reminded me that they wouldn’t stay this way forever, and now they can remain perky into my post menopausal years (weird).

I dressed, and we went back to Dr. Huang’s office to look at photos. I was surprised to see how good her work looked. Especially the nipple reconstruction. She makes an incision in the skin and almost folds it like origami to make a little nipple. Then a tattoo artist shades it in. It looks real. I can’t help but think this is the first stage of becoming some sort of cyborg.

Dr. Huang has one more suprise for me. “How would you feel about going into surgery soon?” “How soon I asked.” “Wed. morning.” she replied. Holy shit, here we go.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Sounds like you are in wonderful hands. You will the hottest half-cyberg, half-human ever.

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