A Walk Around the Block

Starting to feel a little more human and self sufficient today. I am washing my own hair and clearing the fluid from the “Jackson Pratt” drains protruding from under my armpits myself (wtf, sorry, but this is the worst part right now, the look and feel of these drains is so off-the-charts gross. OK, I think this will be my last mention of these drains until they come out).

I also took a walk around the block with Andrea and Ty today. It was the first real walk I have taken outside since surgery. I felt a little like Edward Scissorhands with my arms hanging off to the sides in an awkward dangling motion. My brother said my body language looks like I am ready to challenge anyone I see to a fight, “Are you lookin’ at me? You want a piece of this? Let’s go!”

I have decided I am going to try to get some one-on-one sessions with a physical therapist/yoga instructor when I am well enough. I want to learn how to stretch and align my posture with my new body (they moved my chest muscles during surgery, so everything feels off). I also want to make a resolution to make more of a commitment to yoga and meditation. Namaste.

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2 Responses to A Walk Around the Block

  1. Kim B says:

    Al, you are so amazing. Somehow throughout all of the blogging about how difficult this is, you made me laugh with your brother’s comment. I could actually imagine you walking down the street like that, and I could hear your laugh in my mind – I miss that laugh, btw! Glad to hear you are feeling a little better today. When you’re up for it, I’d love to stop by and see you. Thinking about you! <3

  2. janaya says:

    just thinking about you today. nothing particularly brilliant to say, except that i am in awe of your strength… and while many may think of strength as grinning and bearing it, i have come to appreciate the profoundly more impressive strength of bearing it through gritted teeth and tears. thanks for being so honest about your experience. *hugs* (the virtual kind probably hurt a lot less…).

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