My first haircut after chemo.

So my original plan was to get a haircut in March, but I decided to wait another month before getting my first official cut. It is amazing how something like getting a haircut can make you feel a little bit normal again.

I went back to my usual guy Ishmael. I thought about how he gave me the greatest blow-out for my wedding day and now here I was 4 years later with hair shorter than I thought I would ever have (at least not at 35) and definitely not in the market for a blow-out. Ishmael told me he loved my short hair and we were going to have fun trying different styles while it grew out. At the end of the cut I went to pay but they wouldn’t charge me! So nice. I almost got a little teary eyed but managed to keep it together! I left the salon feeling pretty good. Thanks Georges Salon and Ishmael, you guys rock.

Here is an update on the hair regrowth. I have noticed my hair is a little more curly and maybe a little thicker than it was before. Ishmael said the color also looked a little lighter than he remembered, but I can’t tell a difference.

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