Phantom Nipple.

OK, so sometimes I get the sensation that my nipple is still there, or I literally get an itch that I can’t scratch. You know how amputees get the sensation of a phantom leg or phantom arm? I literally have phantom nipple on occasion. If I think about it too much, OCD starts to kick in and I want to scream, but then I breathe and the feeling passes. I confirmed it with my doctor, and I am not nuts, there really are severed nerve endings that remain active. It’s totally weird.

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2 Responses to Phantom Nipple.

  1. Linda Simpson says:

    The same kind of itch first attacked me a few months after surgery & I soon heard of it when several BC sisters said they’d been hit, too. Don’t you just want to get a
    backscratcher in there and go to town? It only happens every few months with me. I hope this doesn’t occur often with you, Alison.

    • Alison Q. says:

      Hi Mrs. S- Don’t know how I missed this comment! Yes, it’s a crazy feeling! It happens a couple of times a month, so it’s not too bad, but yes when it happens I want to tear my skin open. So weird. Hope you are great! A

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