Post Surgical Complications. Attack of the Giant Boob.

Well damn. I was hoping I’d be rolling into 2013 with a new pair of boobs and all my major health problems behind me, and instead I am on antibiotics in a compression wrap monitoring a giant swollen boob.

Things were going well after my Dec. 11 surgery to exchange my tissue expanders for silicone implants and then all of a sudden, three weeks later, I went out to dinner with friends with a normal looking pair of boobs and returned from dinner with one normal boob and one huge boob. Seriously the left boob is twice the size of the right one. C’mon!

I won’t lie, I had a complete melt down. I am ready to just get to the end of this medical odyssey. I think I heaped on that New Year pressure too, New Year, new health problem free beginning.

So on New Years I got in to see the doc. She admitted that this was weird and she worried about an infection. So now here I sit in a giant pink compression wrap around my chest taking a 2 week course of doxycycline. The doc is hoping the compression will help the body to absorb the fluid that’s built up. Sonofa.

Since I am on a roll with complaints and worries, I’ll just go ahead and pile on that I have to go back for a follow up CT scan tomorrow morning to see what’s going on 3 months later with the 2 spots they found on my liver. I really had pushed this out of my mind, but now that it’s upon me I am letting those “what if” thoughts creep in and freak me out.

OK, one step at a time. Deal with this giant boob, get that CT scan.

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