Good news (…and exhale)

I got in to see my medical oncologist Dr. Isaacs at Georgetown this morning to get the results of my follow up CT scan. Drum roll… the liver lesions are benign! One is a cyst, one is a hemangioma. Phew!

My parents came with me for moral support (it’s good not to go to these things alone, you may not even know how emotional it is). My mom and I were in the back with the doctor for a loooong time, leaving my dad in the waiting room to wait, and wait, and wait, and worry and start to hyperventilate (just kidding, he wasn’t hyperventilating, he was just pacing and imagining the worst). I sent my mom out to let him know things were clear and the relief just washed over all of us. Honestly, I could tell Dr. Isaacs was relieved too.

I also had my 3 month check up and elected to participate in a study that will help set up researchers to cure diseases (breast cancer and a host of other things), so I feel good about that. I did learn that the drug I have to take for 5 years (tamoxifen) is causing some weight gain, so I’ll be focusing on eating smaller lighter meals and getting out for more walks in 2013. I am not going to worry too much about the scale, instead I am going to focus on doing things that make me feel energized and healthy.

The scan also showed the fluid build up in my left breast and the radiologist noted that the scan indicates hemorrhage within the fluid. This condition is still being monitored and I am going to continue to wear a compression wrap to try to bring the swelling down. The good news is that the giant boob has gotten smaller since I started wrapping it on Monday. I went in for a second opinion with my plastic surgeon’s colleague and he told me, he’s “not impressed” with what he sees. Have you ever taken off your top in front of a man and had him say “I’m really not impressed with what I see here?” In this case the man was a surgeon and he was referring to the severity of the swelling. I knew what he meant, but it was a funny thing to hear.

Let the healing continue. Happy Friday.

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2 Responses to Good news (…and exhale)

  1. John Reich says:


    To say you are amazing is repetitive, but it’s true, you are! So glad to hear the spots are benign! All the best to you and Jim and your terrific parents! I’ve been looking forward to snowskiing with your dad in Steamboat Springs, CO since the end of summer. In 10 days, we’ll finally be there! Many blessings to you!


    • Alison Q. says:

      Thanks John. It means a lot to me that you are still reading my blog! So glad you got the skiing trip on the books, my parents are wonderful and I hope you and my dad have a blast. Best, Alison

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