Motherly love.

My mom is a wonderful person. Anyone who knows her, knows this is true. Everytime I write a blog post, my Mom sends me a really sweet, thoughtful, motivational, supportive, caring email. I thought I would share this note she sent me in response to my last post.

Knew you had posted, my girl – funny how I always do.  I guess because if I were in your shoes, today seems like the perfect day to reflect.  You’re not alone, Honey.  I hope you know that.  Some of these things you’ve mentioned to me, but some not.  As for the breast feeding, I completely understand how you feel.  In thinking of both my babies, Ty who I couldn’t breastfeed, and you, who I could, it’s funny, in looking back, I could not have felt a closer bond with either of you. The biggest feeding memory was of holding each of you close, stroking your little faces, playing with your hands and feet, singing or talking to you, rocking you, and just loving you.  Breast feeding vs. bottle feeding isn’t the real issue.  You just love, and if you and Jim decide to have a baby, you both will be wonderful loving parents, and if you don’t decide to do that, you are a beautiful loving couple!  I love you both so much.

I know you feel tired, Hon.  Physical therapy is really a great idea, and of course, your walks with Tiggy are the best.  I think increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation through an exercise program would be wonderful.  I should talk!  Here I’m paying a monthly charge at 24-hour gym and haven’t been in forever.  But I know it’s the right thing – I have no excuse. Finding the time for you and working around Mr. T is tricky. If there’s anything we can do, we’d be happy to.  Like for example if there were a couple of days you wanted to stay and exercise after work, DOD and I could go together or take turns coming over and walking and feeding Mr. T.  Of course, now that we have our shoes, there’s no better exercise than dancing!!!!  Let’s dance!!!!!

Somehow I do feel that Debbie and Anne are hugging you, Honey, and me too!  I feel like they are kindred spirits in the real sense of that word but sure wish they were here in the flesh. Unfortunately, Anne was never a cancer survivor, and honestly, Debbie really wasn’t either. They would be jumping for joy that you are, and cheering all the way for you!  Go, go, go!!!!

You know I mean every word of what I said, but there are just lots of emotions that I just can’t put into words but that I guess just come under the LOVE heading, and I do love you- ever so much!  How wonderful for us that we have such a loving mother-daughter relationship.  I wish so much that were a universal thing.

I love you with all my heart Ma.

Shell Collecting with my Ma on Craigville Beach. The best.

Griffin Girls. Love.

More Griffin Girls. More Love.

Ma and Deb. Sisterly Love. So sweet.

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8 Responses to Motherly love.

  1. Kelly hernaez says:

    Wow, Al, you are lucky in so many ways. What a loving email, what a great mom. Your family has always been so loving and fun!

    • Alison Q. says:

      I know Kel- I am overwhelmed by how lucky I am. Such amazing parents, an awesome brother and a circle of incredible friends. LOVE FEST 2013 Bro. Bring it. xoxoxox

  2. says:

    Mom is right, of course, you’ll have every bit as much of bonding, joy and intense real everything with your possible future babes as any good good mom, which you’d be. Dads can’t breastfeed and they get around that simply by bottle feeding. Just feels good to give baby what it needs.

    See you soon please. Love,

  3. Dede says:

    You, dear Alison, and your mom Marcia, are the definition of love. Period.
    (These posts make me cry because your words are so true and your deeds are even truer.)

  4. Kathy Osborne says:

    Wow – I wish I could have a relationship like you and your mom have. And I hope that one day I can be that for my girls! Amazing.

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