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Flowers are in bloom.

So those bulbs I planted back in November started blooming about 3 weeks ago. It is nice to look at the flowers sprouting up out of the dead leaves and remember where I was when we planted them (in the … Continue reading

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Hair regrowth after chemo

So I have decided to keep a photo diary of my hair regrowth after chemo. I haven’t gotten an official haircut yet, but I do have one scheduled for March 10. Here is the progress from Dec-Feb.  

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Whoops, did I mention I finished radiation?

So I did finish radiation mid. Jan., and besides a geometric shaped suntan, my skin is all healed up. My left side is definitely tighter than the right and I know I need to get back to my physical therapy … Continue reading

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Radiation Continues

Radiation continues and so does the skin irritation. I tried to get a shot of it in the bathroom mirror without revealing too much (see below). This is actually looking better than than it was a few weeks ago. I … Continue reading

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I’m on fire.

Um, so the skin “irritation” from radiation has become very intense. It is scarlet red, and it burns and itches. This is not like any sunburn I have ever had. That analogy just doesn’t cut it. It’s more like the … Continue reading

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Starting radiation.

I started radiation with Dr. Victoria Croog at Sibley on Dec. 5. I go there every day (M-F) for a 3:15 apt. and I’m usually out in about an hour. This will continue through the third week in January. So … Continue reading

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Getting back to work.

I was pretty apprehensive about getting back to work. I started to feel the kind of jitters you get when you are starting a new job (which are intense for me). Would I have enough energy to get through the … Continue reading

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Road trip.

After chemo ended, I had the urge to see the ocean. Jim and I booked a long weekend in Folley Beach, South Carolina right before Thanksgiving. The 10-hour drive down was a little rougher than I thought it would be. … Continue reading

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Last chemo Nov. 1

Dr. Isaacs said it’s normal to feel down after this is all over and everyone is expecting you to just move on. I wasn’t expecting it, but when I gave the Dr. and my nurses hugs on the last day, … Continue reading

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Wedding Dress Donation + Happy Anniversary.

It seemed fitting on our 4-year wedding anniversary to donate my wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. It was a little sad to see it go, but it felt right. I hope someone feels as happy and pretty in … Continue reading

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